Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Welcome \(^_^)/

I've tried owning one too many blogs in my time and although some were popular in their own way, I've never quite found my niche. Lately I've been craving writing again thus I thought I'd give it yet another shot so here I go...

Outfit: Karen Millen stripy knit dress, Nine West black patent heels.

My main photographer is my Mum and she likes to take photos between photos. The" stolen shot" above is actually the first that I think is quite good!

The weather dictated that I wear something warm so I went for my favourite ever knit dress. I'm currently working as a Retail Supervisor for the brand that made it, Karen Millen, so you'll see me in a lot of my new and old uniform pieces. This particular dress is from this Spring's "Paris Attitude" collection.

The dress actually unofficially featured in Cover Drive's music video "Twilight":

Nothing to report on how I spent my day except for work... Had a large caramel latte with cream while reading Marie Claire magazine on my lunch... It was rather yummy...

x Linda x


  1. I really love your karen millan dress! i'm a curvy girl too, hard to find the dress that would fit... do you want to follow each other ?