Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sun in The Sky, Sun in My Eyes

Taking photos outside may actually become a habit of mine! I got home from work knowing my Mum was about to finish work too so I impulsively grabbed my white heels and walked straight out the door again to besiege her. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my digital camera AND my white Gucci sunglasses (to complete my all-white look) but hey, I'm getting there... So again, my apologies for the iPhone quality photos... And my squinted eyes...

This all-white look was inspired by this month's link-up challenge from:

 photo badge12_zpsc4717a5e.jpg

A little tip: Remember if you're wearing a fitted or thin white garment, to wear nude underwear or if it's a dress, a nude slip can come in handy.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Tale of My First Maxi Skirt

Firstly, are you my GFC follower? Google reader won't be available from July so switch to Bloglovin - check out the top of my side bar to find out how...

Secondly, I took photos outside! I had two "photo shoots" - one before watching World War Z and one after watching World War Z. (It is an amazing movie!) The photos were taken on my Mum's iPhone hence the low-ish photo quality but this is still progress for me, right?

Before World War Z ...
... After World War Z

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Geo Gets Tucked In

I'm finally back! How do you like my blog's mini makeover?! It was tough finding a wallpaper to top the last one but I have! I adore it! An "About Me" section (with a video!) and a blogroll section is coming soon!

Today I went to meet a couple of friends at my favourite cafe. Unfortunately the jumper ended up being too thick for the high temperature inside but my best friend's compliment on my outfit kept me smiling through the heat.