Friday, 8 June 2012

Colourful Tantrum!

Outfit: Karen Millen striped multicolour knit dress, New Look black platform courts.

This dress is from Karen Millen's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. It's another dress I haven't worn in almost a year either but I love it so much!

I had a tantrum at work today...

I was only meant to come in for 3 hours as overtime for extra lunch cover however I came in this morning with more responsibility than to focus on selling...

My manager hadn't finished the small delivery we were sent - a delivery that size usually takes about 2 hours maybe 2 1/2 if you're slack but there was still a running rail with unsorted stock when I arrived at work!

She had 3 hours to do delivery! What the f*** was she doing in that time?!

She used to complain that our ex-part timer was too slow at delivery but she's worse!

She's even more experienced than our ex-part timer too so no excuses!

To make matters worse... Knowing she hadn't finished delivery, she went straight on her lunch when I came in! So I was left to finish the job while tottering around in my heels!

If I'd know I'd be doing manual labour rather than focusing on customer service then I wouldn't have worn heels! It's actually against health and safety regulations for me to handle so much stock while wearing my heels!

When she came back from her lunch, I let it all out...

She couldn't answer me back because she knew deep down she was wrong, manager or not.

Thing is... Although she's the manager I've been with the brand longer than her so when I correct her, she knows I'll have the right reasons to - even if she doesn't admit it...

Right, tantrum over.

I ran some errands in this dress and did some grocery shopping. I also visited my ex-part timer who was mentioned above (as she's my friend) and her new puppy...

x Linda x


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  2. You look amazing, I love the dress, really chic and so colorful.

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  4. i'm sorry to hear you had such a bum time at work, but i'm glad to hear you stuck up for yourself!! i really love this dress! all the different colored stripes!


  5. that is the cutest dress! i LOVE it! you look soooo pretty :D wonderful blog!

  6. love that dress cute blog, we follow each other?

  7. Hello dear,
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  8. love the dress!
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  9. Urrgh, I'm sorry to hear about what happened at your work. It's good that you communicated your feelings though. I love your dress! xoxoxo

  10. great outfit

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  11. love love the dress, you look stunning in it!

  12. Cute outfit! We like the style of it!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  13. This looks really great on you! It's a strange color combination, but you really pull it off!

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  14. you look awesome. and gosh love your hair. so jealous ;)

    x Daisy


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  16. Hi, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog:) I actually deleted the post somehow but it'll be back up today !!
    I love this dress it fits you do well!
    XO Tatianna