Tuesday, 12 June 2012

She's Not Wearing Karen Millen?!

Outfit: Dorothy Perkins black fit and flare dress, Kurt Geiger red patent ballet pumps with gold bow, long red and silver necklace (a gift).

I'm meant to wear Karen Millen every day at work but sometimes I just want to wear something lazy and not so fitted like this black dress from Dorothy Perkins. Temps wear plain black outfits when they work which is why this is acceptable for me to wear on a quiet day. I added some pops of colour so that the outfit wasn't TOO boring!

Again, you can see I'm tired in these photos. Also they were actually taken in a bit of a rush because I was desperate to eat dinner! I did a lot of manual labour today at work and I only had time for a latte and a cherry coke...

I've taken some clothes to be fixed to my seamstress. One is my favourite Karen Millen dress I've ever bought and although she says it looks unfixable (yikes), I hope she can do at least an OK job on it so I can wear it for you guys!

My Mum has already announced to me that she's packing for our holiday to Philippines and I have no bloody idea what to take clothes-wise... I think I'm wearing my stripy multicolour dress to go travelling and... That's all I've come up with so far lol!

Also I have decided to start an ebay shop in August which will sell my skinny clothes (UK sizes 6 to 8 - yes I used to be that anorexic tiny) and clothes that are either too big for me now or I just no longer want... It will hopefully help me make a little more money before I become another broke student in the world!

Hope you're all having a good week so far!

x Linda x


  1. Cute dress! That's so cool that you're taking a trip to Philippines because I've always wanted to go there! xoxoxo

  2. I HAVE THE SAME DRESS lol, it's so great that you've decided to open an ebay store! i used to browse through it alot :D


  3. love the shape of that dress, your heels are gorgeous as well :)


  4. You look amazing even if you say you were tired :) I really love your blog, it is amazing. I'm now following you and I hope you will follow me too !



  5. Love the sophisticated look you have in this photo--very pretty!


  6. so cuuuteee :)


  7. you look gorgeous, love that dress on you :) xx.

  8. Lovely dress :)

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  9. Great look! Hope you visit my blog!

  10. really pretty shoes! it's like dorothy's from wizard of oz. i actually saw a pair like these in goodwill. it was so cute.

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  11. wow Philippines is awesome for shopping. I saw the girls from there on Lookbook and their wardrobe looks amazing made of local designers.

    Thats a bute LBD.

    Karen Millen is also my favourite, they have very flattering dresses.


  12. Wowee, what a gorgeous outfit! :)

    Lucy x