Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sparkle Here, Sparkle There

Before the indoor shoot above, me and my Mum went to a nearby park when she finished work. We took some photos outdoors - haven't done so since July in the Philippines, see those photos here. However, as you can see, it just didn't work out! Our amateur photography skills just weren't enough to counteract the dark. Saying that, I don't think they were too bad for a first attempt but I think it's best to stick to indoor shoots... At least until Spring comes!

Outfit worn on Friday 30th November 2012;
I'm wearing:
Karen Millen black mesh-over-sequins top,
Dorothy Perkins black/green checked long-sleeved shirt,
Mint Velvet black jeggings,
New Look black studded ankle boots.

I never used to be much of a sequin/glitter/general-sparkle fan. I bought this top and the nude version back in Winter 2010 just for work - when I worked at Karen Millen - but once they were out of season, I stopped wearing them. I only began wearing them again this Autumn. I'm loving wearing them in the day to add sparkle to an everyday outfit. This shirt was also resurrected recently from my closet.

These jeggings need to be replaced by real black skinny jeans asap. They are getting baggy on me and my jeans need substance to support this big butt. *Linda shakes her bootylicious bum like Beyonce.*

You should know that I am addicted to these new ankle boots of mine. I've worn them EVERY DAY since I got them... I know that I should fight the urge so that they last longer... But they just look too cool!

Back in late November, I showed you my favourite sketches for the upcoming Harrods Christmas windowsNow the windows have been completed and our Disney heroines' have been dressed in their designer frocks. As predicted though, the dresses either turned out better or worse than the sketches so here are my new top three, of the finished products:

3. Rapunzel from Tangled
Dress by Jenny Packham
2. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
Dress by Elie Saab
1. Tiana from Princess and The Frog
Dress by Ralph & Russo
For more, see the full gallery here.

I actually favoured the Tiana and Aurora sketches so the dresses lived up to my expectations; but the Pocahontas dress unfortunately didn't turn out as elegant as the sketch, in my opinion. The Rapunzel dress was a surprise because it was quite dull in the sketch and yet it turned out gorgeous!

That's enough sparkle for now. Hope you guys had a great weekend!

x Linda x


  1. OMG This post is really great!

    I love the pictures!!

    And you look great!!

    I'm shur you would great in some more color and sequin stuff ;)

    You have the perfect looks ofr that!!!

    Love, Lima

  2. Cool look!

  3. who doesnt love sparkle!


  4. Gorgeous windows! Love them. You look great, I love the juxtaposition of plaid and sequins. Great idea.

  5. I have a similar sequined tee! Cute green flannel :)
    I love different renditions of Disney princesses - it shows how versatile they are, open to new ideas

  6. so cute! I adore sequins!

  7. beautiful pics!! :)
    kisses pretty

  8. So stunning! Love how you paired sequins and plaids together xx

  9. Nice pictures

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  10. I love your sparkly top and checked shirt, you look so cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. you look amazing!

    X Jenny

  12. I love the colour of your shirt!

    Fashion Rhapsody

    Rose x

  13. Love the combo of glitter and plaid :)
    I like the Aurora sketch :) I can relate to Aurora. I sleep too much :D
    x, Lara

  14. love the look. very edgy. i like how you paired plaid with glitter/sparkly. great combo.

  15. I love, love, love, love your top...=)

  16. I love all things sequins & sparkle!!! Love your outfit!!!
    Thanks for visiting me dear!
    I'd love it if you followed too, if you like my blog!!! :)

  17. Super cute outfit!!! I love the sparkle underneath the plaid shirt.

  18. super sparkling top! love the matching with the plaid shirt! xxx

  19. How cool are the Disney heroines?? I love stuff like that! And you are looking absolutely beautiful!

  20. Great look , love the plaid shirt in this combo :)♥