Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sun in The Sky, Sun in My Eyes

Taking photos outside may actually become a habit of mine! I got home from work knowing my Mum was about to finish work too so I impulsively grabbed my white heels and walked straight out the door again to besiege her. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my digital camera AND my white Gucci sunglasses (to complete my all-white look) but hey, I'm getting there... So again, my apologies for the iPhone quality photos... And my squinted eyes...

This all-white look was inspired by this month's link-up challenge from:

 photo badge12_zpsc4717a5e.jpg

A little tip: Remember if you're wearing a fitted or thin white garment, to wear nude underwear or if it's a dress, a nude slip can come in handy.

Yes, I'm in a graveyard...

I'm wearing:
Karen Millen white broderie dress with altered neckline [similar]
Barratts white patent platform heels [similar]

I bought this dress during the last season I worked at Karen Millen as a Supervisor, Spring/Summer 2012. (I recently was re-employed by the brand as a part-timer while I'm at college, FYI.) The neckline was originally too high for me so I took it to my lovely seamstress and she altered the neckline for me. It's a great little trick if you really want a dress that has an uncomfortable neckline.

It's meant to be a shift dress but shift dresses rarely look like shift dresses on my curves :)

Since I was at work (where I have to stand up all the time) today, I was actually wearing my red patent flats with this dress but I changed into these white heels for photo taking.

Let me know what you think of the white on white trend?

x Linda x


  1. I adore this all white look and I'm sure your sunglasses would've been quite the finish to this look! :) You are so right about wearing nude underneath white too! I learned this back when I was 12 years old and never forgot this! Have a lovely night! xx Pip

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  2. You look fantastic. What a beautiful dress. Lowering the neckline = great idea. That close-in shot of you makes me sorta glad you forgot the sunnies. Squinty or not, still such lovely eyes. Gorgeous look, dear.

  3. Wow, lovely dress! I'd agree that shift dresses won't work on our body type. So I love the fact that you had the neckline altered. It gave the dress a sensual look. ;)

    Now I'm intrigued how you'd look if you have sunnies with you as well.

    Thanks for joining the blog link-up challenge and for posting the link back to us. Can we request that you add the #PinayCurviesSwag badge? :D

  4. gorgeous outfit! i love the allwhite, so classy and chic!


    ♥ Ellen
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  5. You look so beauty in white colour :))
    Following you on bloglovin! Hope you will follow back <3

  6. The all-white looks is very pretty. You've got awesome boobs :D (Sorry if I sound creepy xD)

  7. This dress is absolutelt beautiful :) xxx

  8. Hii!
    Gorgeous look! I adore all white looks for summer! the dress is perfect, and I much prefer your altered neckline way!
    Thank you for your comment as well! I am following you on bloglovin as well! Im number 44! :)
    XOXO Kasia

  9. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    one word. "STUNNING"
    Need I say more?

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  10. I'm not a very big fan of white, but only because I always get it dirty and it makes me look dead because I'm already pale enough on my own xD

    But I have to say, I really liked the dress on you!! I think it is extremely flattering, specially because of the place it cinches in! =D

    The Austrian Rose

  11. Love your pumps, the white color is very gorgeous.

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    xoxo, Mich

  12. you look very cute in this white dress! and great tip on the nude underwear! keep forgetting that sometimes

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  13. Love the outfit, its a beutiful dress, love how you dress, really you look stunning!! The color is so pretty!!!
    xoxo darling have an awesome weekend darling!

  14. To tell you honestly I am very much in love with this look, very poised, elegant and you look very lovely in white!

    So glad that you took time to join our linkup and we thank you for it. See you in the next challenge!


  15. The white dress and heels look great on you! :)

    Outside photos are tricky when you forget your sunglasses, I've done that a few times. I need to leave a pair of glasses in the car I think! :)

    Away From Blue

  16. Wow ^^
    you look so chic and sexy ^^
    i love your dress sweety )

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  17. You look gorgeous! And thanks for getting all geeky on me :) I loved the great advice! I think I'll go for the Macbook Pro but I'm still not completelyyyy sure between the Pro and Air so I'm still waiting till I've made a 100% decision :)

  18. oh this is so astonishing beautiful! absolutely adore that white look! and i´m following now on gfc and bloglovin;)

  19. Have a nice week sweety ^^

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  21. You look so pretty in this white dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. i love your dress!!
    a great outfits

  23. oooh you look great in white! yes good slips are important!


    FRANK VINYL. California based style blog

  24. lovely dress and amazing shoes <3

  25. Pretty look, I love how simple the design of the dress is and how the texture of the fabric makes it interesting!

  26. Awesome blog, love the way u carry ur self.

    Following your blog from now on.

    follow me too...