Friday, 5 July 2013

Inspired by The Justice League

I have two reasons for writing this post. One, I want to write about one of my interests: comic books. And two, I want to take advantage of the comic book fashion trend and use superhero costumes as inspiration for outfits. I also wanted to take this opportunity to post photos of hot half-naked men.

For those of you who don't know. There are two comic book companies who created the superheroes we know and love today: DC Comics and Marvel Comics. DC is responsible for heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash while Marvel is responsible for heroes such as Spider-Man, Thor, X-Men and Iron Man.

I'm actually more into Marvel than DC but since Marvel films are dominating at the box office, I feel DC needs more love right now. I've also decided to take this opportunity to share with you the actors I want to play the "missing members" of The Justice League - DC's "equivalent" of The Avengers.


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Potential Actor: Kellan Lutz

Now I know Aquaman doesn't have the best reputation. If The Big Bang Theory has taught us anything, it's that Aquaman sucks. However I think he's a very underrated hero. He's telepathic and can control the minds of both animals and humans. He has superhuman strength.  He has the ability to breathe underwater. He can swim at high speeds and he can see in the dark. Not too shabby, right? If you need more reasons to think Aquaman is cool then check out this article.


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Potential Actor: Michael Fassbender

He would need to go dark-haired for the role but he's got Batman's broody look and playboy charm. They may make him work out a bit more to fill out the suit but at least he won't need any extra stuffing for the bulge... (Those of you who've seen him in Shame know what I'm talking about...) He already plays Magneto (in X-Men) who's a super villain (most of the time) so he may appreciate playing a superhero.

The Flash
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Potential Actor: Ryan Gosling

Gosling has both the comedic talents and the cuteness to play The Flash. He's even expressed interest in playing The Flash. (Chris Pine and Bradley Cooper were my second choices.)

Green Lantern

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Current Actor: Ryan Reynolds

I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't an amazing movie but I did really enjoy it. Reynolds is a charming actor who made the movie work, in my opinion.

Martian Manhunter
The Martian Manhunter is an alien from Mars. He is super powerful but one of those forgotten heroes unfortunately. He shares a lot of Superman's powers including superhuman strength, senses and flight however he can also phase, shape-shift and become invisible - among other things! Superman himself once said that he was the most powerful being on earth! In choosing an actor to play The Martian Manhunter, I just thought about who would be able to pull off all a bald head, big muscles and wrestling trunks... Dwayne Johnson.


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Current Actor: Henry Cavill

If you haven't seen Man of Steel yet then do so! Henry Cavill has finally managed to top Christopher Reeve as the best Superman ever, in my opinion. (Look out for the LexCorp truck in the movie!)

Wonder Woman

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Potential Actress: Christina Hendricks

Hendricks actually has the perfect proportions to play the comic book version of Wonder Woman as opposed to the Lynda Carter version. She would just need to dye her hair black and use a bit of fake tan. She's not yet had any action movie experience (that I know of) so she'll need training. However she'll lose weight during the training so she may not be keen on the idea since she seems very happy with her body the way it is - and who can blame her?

Would You Watch a Justice League Movie With These Actors? And What Are Your Thoughts on The Comic Book Fashion Trend?

x Linda x


  1. Awesome choices, true believer :) Chris would make a great Wonder Woman but I think you might be equally suited :) Because of your love of the character I mean :))

    And Mike for Batman is genius. Magneto and Batman all in one. Good Ian Mckellan-esque resume.

    JLA movie is so tricky to pull off but I worried the same for Avengers and that worked out.

    Nuff said!

  2. great post and lovely blog darling! :)

  3. My dad was so into comics and always brought out his comic collection when I was little! My fave was always wonder woman and of course Richie Rich!!!

    Great post! Great blog, babe! You in the white dress are looking hot hot hot!!!


    Lauren at adorn la femme

  4. Uuuuh I love the color of the skirt!! And the top is so cute and lacey! (love anything with lace)

    The Austrian Rose

  5. Oh Linda Sadly I haven't seen Superman yet. I was too busy. Maybe this week. I hope so. I perfer Marvel over DC too and I would totally watch this. Thanks for sooo much eye candy. Now I have to watch Shame as well ;-)


  6. Love this collection :)
    Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!


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    Instagram: KendraAlexandra
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  7. this is so cute- what an ingenious idea! Aquaman's green and orange colour combo is very catchy!

  8. Hi sweety, so totally love your look and the blog. Now following you via google, hope you will visit my blog and follow me too.

    Fashion Blogger India

  9. Love those colors doll, they are wonderful :)) My favorites!! Hope you are well & have a beautiful week xx


  10. Love the Aquaman-inspired color scheme! :D I think Kellan Lutz could make a good candidate. :)


  11. I m crazy about superheroes ^^
    Lovely clothes

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  12. What a fun post! I'll watch Ryan Gosling in anything. And I love that green pleated skirt.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. Dwayne Johnson as Martian Manhunter is an inspired choice.

    If Marvel can plan films based on some of their relatively obscure characters (Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy), why not DC and MM?

  14. aw i love this post!! so fun! :D these outfits are so cute :D

  15. OMG this post is the best! Love how you married the fashion choices with each super hero. I think my fave is the Flash.

    Nice work!


    The Marcy Stop

  16. great post!

  17. hi hun, great post..wanna follow each other, just tell me when u follow me than i'll follow u back immediately.

  18. i love this post, its nice to see someone giving the DC heroes some love since marvel seems to be taking over the mainstream atm. these are great outfit ideas, i acutally wear stuff like this when i go to superhero movies so its cool to see someone do a post on it! thanks for sharing, its a great post!!

    -Tara x


  19. This is really cute! I love your outfits and how they're inspired by each character. very creative!

    XO Tatianna

  20. This is a GREAT post :) I love Marvel more than DC too, but Aquaman is my favorite superhero of all time. He's such a badass and SO underrated. Thanks for the article! Love the outfit :)

    xo Ashley