Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Liebster Award!

The lovely Ami from The Pre-Trender has nominated me for The Liebster Award! I have only had my blog since June so I feel very honoured (^_^) x

The rules are:

1) List 11 facts about yourself

2) Answer the 11 questions given to you by your nominator

3) Nominate 11 blogs with under 200 followers, you can't nominate your nominator

4) Create 11 questions for your nominees

11 Facts About Myself:

1. My zodiac sign is Capricorn

2. My ethnicity is primarily Filipino and Portuguese, with Spanish and white ancestry

3. When I was younger, Britney was my Idol

4. Like a lot of girls who love fashion, I used to be Anorexic and got down to a UK size 6

5. I love karaoke

6. I have never been in a serious relationship - not counting puppy love

7. I had a tomboy phase, think me dressing like Eminem

8. The Eminem Show is one of my favourite albums ever

9. I don't like pizza

10. I'm a bit of a gamer, I love my PS3 - Uncharted 3 anyone?

11. I worked at Karen Millen for almost 21 months - at first Stylist then Supervisor

Ami's 11 Questions:
1. If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you would buy?
I'd pay off all my family's debts - goodbye overdrafts and loans!

2. What item of clothing couldn't you live without?
One of my party dresses - I haven't worn it on the blog yet but it's so flattering :)

3.Do you prefer skirts or shorts?
Skirts, I don't suit shorts. Tulip skirts are my favourite.

4. What's your favourite season for fashion?
Wow, this is so tough.... So tough that I took a quiz for it! My answer is Spring and I do love it best actually... My style is mainly about feminine shapes and Spring always brings a bigger infusion of girlie dresses into our wardrobes...

5. What's your dream job?
The fantasy job would be an Actress AND Singer/Dancer - I studied Drama and used to sing in school shows back in Secondary (High) School.
The realistic dream job would be an Accountant, a goal I'm currently striving towards - I love number crunching.

6. What's your favourite fashion magazine?
Elle UK - I'm subscribed.

7. How did you get into blogging?
I've had a few of blogs in the past, all I never quite got right. Not all have been fashion-related. I decided to get back into it simply because I missed it. I love to share my style, my experiences and my thoughts too.

8. Favourite fashion icon?
After much debate, Blair Waldorf has to be my favourite... Carrie Bradshaw was definitely a close second though!

9. Favourite fictional character?

Blair Waldorf or Chuck Bass... Probably the former...

10. If you could wear only one designer's clothes, who would it be?

No freakin' clue. Most probably Alexander McQueen...

Alexander McQueen dress

11. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I love where I live now, my home town...

My 11 Nominees:

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My 11 Questions to My Nominees:

1. Describe your style in 2 words.

2. Your favourite blog?

3. Sweet or savoury?

4. Describe your earliest memory.

5. Your favourite TV show?

6. Shag, marry, avoid: Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson or Chris Hemsworth?

7. Your favourite book?

8. Tell us a funny joke.

9. Scarf, hat or gloves?

10. Your favourite trend ever?

11. Your favourite musician(s)?

x Linda x


  1. thank you for the nomination,I've already posted about the liebster blog award so I don't know if I should do it again but I truly appreciate it!!
    XO Tatianna

  2. oh geeee I'm honored ! I've just started my blog last november as well pretty new actually, well thank you so muchhh

    ps: love your party dress, neaat!

  3. Thank you so much Linda!! Much appreciated :)

    -Krystin Tysire xo

  4. Congrats on the blog award!

  5. Congrats, great post, love the images you included!
    Following you! Hope you can follow back<3

  6. Love getting to know you better! That tulip skirt picture is pretty awesome.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Congrats to your award! I really enjoyed reading these facts about you, great post! And I can't believe you don't like pizza, I've never met somebody who doesn't like pizza!

    xxx Anita

  8. congrats for the award, your blog deserves it! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  9. What a sweet blog you got here :) I love it :)

    If you want, you can check out mine, I always follow back :)