Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Holiday In The Philippines #6 (Last Part)

Finally! This is the last post about my month-long (July 2012) holiday in The Philippines. Enjoy!

My Outfit: Izabel black/brown/mocha/cream patterned empire line dipped hem dress, black bolero, Miss Selfridge tan ethnic flats.

I bought this dress for £5 in the sale! The way I found it is quite a funny tale but I doubt it will be as funny if I type it up... More of a story you tell in person...

Trying on funny headbands at AKCESORIZ in SM Santa Rosa Mall which is nothing to do with Accessorize in the UK hehe...
Tocino: Filipino bacon
On my Mum's birthday we went to the Greenbelt malls and had lunch at a restaurant whose name I can't recall... It was a restaurant with a menu that combined Japanese and Western style cuisine. Unfortunately the food didn't taste as good as it looked but it wasn't bad:

 The blue window allowed us to see into the kitchen...

Of course a restaurant with a quirky menu should have a quirky boat hanging from the ceiling...
Mother and daughter on Mother's birthday (^_^)

I have posted this outfit before in a previous part of my holiday posts...

We ate at Teriyaki Boy restaurant in SM Mega Mall. The Japanese food was delicious maybe even more so than Tempura! at SM Mall of Asia but then Teriyaki Boy has a more varied menu:

Before I left, I needed to have a dip in the pool on our private subdivision so here's some of my underwater fun with my cousin:

x Linda x


  1. This is a really beautiful post, I love the dress you have on, and the rest of the photos, it looks like you are having a really good time.

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  5. Thanks again for the comment! Really seems to be a fun trip in Philipines, craving to go there



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  9. Looks like you had so much fun. Love the picture of you and your mom!

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