Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Holiday In The Philippines #2

Yesterday's Outfit: Karen Millen navy long sleeved top with silver studded details, French Connection navy/blue/green/red/yellow floral skirt, New Look black flatform-ish wedges.

I bought the skirt during the Summer sales last year in London. It was curiosity at first sight and now that feeling's turned to love...

We (me, my Mum and my cousin who lives with us) went to SM Santa Rosa mall which is near where our house is in Laguna.

On our way I saw loads of Jeepneys (first photo) and tricycles (second photo):

Jeepneys are used like buses, however for shorter journeys - they have boundaries normally kept within a city. While actual buses are used for longer trips like going from city to city. Tricycles are used for even shorter rides than Jeepneys which I think depends on the driver and how much fuel he has / how far he's willing to go...

Our first mission when we stepped in the mall was to eat so we stopped for food at "Barrio Fiesta" which specialised in traditional Filipino food. We ate:

Later we did some shopping in SM dept store and I found brands that fit me! Which is rare here... I was actually disgusted with some of the brands for big girls - UGLY SHAPELESS CLOTHES, bleurgh! I actually hate how they react to bigger girls in general... I tend to hear people say as I walk past "she's beautiful, such a shame she's fat" thinking I can't understand Filipino... Well I can, you arseholes... Not everyone wants to look emaciated... Anyways here are the few garments I tried:

I would've got the above skirt but the fabric was just too clingy for my liking!

Again, the fabric of the above dress was too clingy and the neckline was a tad strangling...

The above dress is the one I purchased, well my Mum did because I am a broke student now! It was less than £20 which is not bad at all...

We watched The Amazing Spiderman in 3D in the evening and he was indeed amazing... Not to mention... Damn. Hot.

Today we just went to my Mum's hometown in Makati to pick up my Grandma... She will be staying with us for 2 days...

The highlights of today was the fooood:

Thanks goes to my Mummy for the modelling haha...

x Linda x

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  2. I am in love with that skirt, so beautiful.

  3. great music on your blog, great post. nice red skirt. food is yum!!!

  4. you look great in every dresses! i love your style :) ♥ join to my world!

  5. I really like your blog. The dress your mum bought for you is gorgeous. Finally wanted to hear if the amazing Spiderman is amazing. Now I have to see it. Hope you know what I mean :D


  6. Lovely looks! I really love that floral print skirt! Looks just perfect!


  7. wahhh the food looks so yummy!

  8. The foods look delicious and you look great =)

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