Sunday, 12 August 2012

My Return & Holiday In The Philippines #4

Dear Reader/s,

My apologies for my impromptu hiatus.

My British-high-speed-wifi-accustomed self just couldn't handle the slow 3G internet Philippines had to offer! Ipad users over there have my respect for their patience with it!

I have been happily browsing the internet at a Western pace since I came back last week however responsibilities in the non-virtual world delayed my return to my beloved blog.

Also, I haven't been able to take any recent outfit photos however I still have a multitude of outfit and sight-seeing photos from my month long holiday in the Philippines...

I took almost 500 photos on holiday so obviously I'm just posting the highlights haha...

First for the next outfit in my pile:

I'm wearing a H&M red/pink/navy polka dot flared dress with bow detail at the waist, a black bolero, and Lacoste pink/white flip flops.

These outfits were taken at the fishing village at Island Cove. Prior to the fishing village, I had spent time taking a dip at Island Cove's swimming resort:

My natural floating ability always drew stares in the Philippines...

Manila Ocean Park was a popular tourist destination and for good reason. We checked out interesting fish (like Nemo), a mermaid and some  too many sharks in the Oceanarium:

Okay, I admit she wasn't a real mermaid but she did an amazing job posing as one, especially in that tank with all those fish!

This shark tank was huge, you could pay an extra 1000 PHP to dive in with the sharks - who would do that?! Oh yeah, those crazy "adrenaline junkies"...

After we checked out the Marine Life Show which was basically a sea lion show. The sea lions were so amazing and talented and after the show, I got to meet one... It even kissed me!

I was disappointed though because I wanted to interact and look at it more but the handlers were just interested in me looking at the camera! I thought I was paying to meet a sea lion, not just have photos taken with it? Grrrr...

Moving on... We checked out the Jelly Fish Exhibit which was stunning. They might be dangerous but boy are they pretty:

After watching all the sea life, we were in the mood to eat some - haha! We ate at Gerry's Grill and as you can see, grilled Blue Marlin fish steak and grilled squid was on the menu - so tasty:

Other things I must share from the trip:

Balut (duck foetus) egg...

And my manicure cost me less than £2.50! Bloody bargain!

Now I am off to definitely reply to all those lovely comments of yours...

x Linda x


  1. You look so great, and that dress is so pretty on you! Love your manicure as well! Hope you had a good weekend! xx Pip

  2. goodness glorious! I love both of the dresses in this post. I love the gold and black...but what i really love is that first red dress its so beautiful and looks amazing on your lovely curves:)

  3. Super cute red dress, I love the polka dots. You look adorable!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Looks like so much fun! Your outfits are great.

    Hugs and kisses,,
    twitter @xoxoloveroxanne

  5. oh what a wonderful trip! how was the Balut egg? i've been hearing about it i dont know if i would be able to eat it though :(


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  6. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. I really wish I had seen the Amazing Spidy but sadly I was too busy. Now I have to wait for the dvd to come out :-(
    That red dress is totally stunning!!
    You know that a manicure for 2.50 is my dream. I would go every week but here it´s like 20€. The color is awesome too!!! Hope we stay in touch sweetie :D


  7. Nice pictures! You got a cute family!
    check out my blog! If you want we can follow each other!